What’s my theme again?


If there is any wedding related question guaranteed to really get my goat at the moment, it is this.

“Oh, you’re getting married? What’s your theme?”

(Said in that matter of fact way, as though there is a wedding therefore there must be a theme. Like when someone has a baby and you ask what the name is. But not the same, because babies HAVE to have names, whereas weddings do not have to have themes).

Please don’t think I’m anti-theme. I just don’t understand why people want to know the theme over the good stuff, like the date!

Anyway, we don’t have a theme as such. Deciding and implementing a theme properly is probably more stress than I can handle. I couldn’t bear it if it was a half-arsed theme so would throw myself into it and get all flustered.

But, I was recently talking to someone who works in the Wedding Industry (and has potentially been brainwashed) and when I admitted there was no theme she was shocked. I think I could have told her that I kick puppies for fun and she’d have been less upset. So I thought about what we could call our “theme”.ย  Are you ready?

We’re hopefully having a country-in-the-city, homemade, fun, beerfest wedding full to the brim of fun, giggling and bouncing. Will that do?

Is anyone having a theme? Was it deliberate or did it just sort of happen?


10 Responses to “What’s my theme again?”

  1. Bleurgh theme!

    Themes are for children’s parties.

    I am going to have fun!

    • I agree! I do think that a theme can work (like the circus wedding that Lillian and Leonard did) but it has to be full-blown and reflective of the couple.

  2. Holding hand up here… it’s pretty likely we’ll have a theme. Not because I think people should but because it’s the way my brain works. And also I think it’ll help us reign in our ideas as right now we want to do everything! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That said, it might not be a theme as in a straight-forward theme but more of an ‘us’ theme.

  3. Oh and yes of the wedding industry person wants themes because they normally cost more money… The OH is planning on pretty much making everything for our theme (with me allowed to help too) so hopefully it won’t cost us much and will be fun to do. (He really does love making stuff, strange boy!)

    • I think themes that represent the couples personalities are great, although can definitely be expensive! I suppose we just don’t have anything about “us” that we could really tie together, so our decor etc will be a bit of a DIY mish-mash. I refuse to have a rugby-themed wedding, which IB would probably love…

  4. 7 Kiara

    Theme schmeme, it’s hard enough organising something that won’t look shit without worrying about a theme. ..

    Also what’s with all the rhetorical questions people ask that you have to say “no” to like what kind of church wedding are you having when you’re obvious atheists and planning a civil ceremony.

  5. 8 rebecca

    the closest thing I have to a theme is lace, but thats more of a motif. I’m more concerned with the colours, just cos it reins me in and keeps me focussed. oh lord, I think I just told you I have a wedding motif. oh well, I’ve never heard that before, maybe I’ll set a trend. don’t hate me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 9 mysparethoughts

    I’m throwing a party with a wedding theme does that count? I thought I was ahead of the game having colours – sod themes.

  7. mmm yeah, my theme was Gaynor & Graham are getting married!

    didnt have one, just the colours to guide me, although I guess the table names as NYC buildings were to do with us getting engaged there and me being an architect?

    Although as you have said, it works when it totally reflects the couple.

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