The great big font hunt


I have been so lax with blogging lately, reading and commenting. Life has just got in the way, work has been manic and I rarely get online properly at the moment. So, this weekend I’m dedicating myself to pre-writing a few posts and properly catching up with everyone’s blogs.

In wedding related news, it’s less than a year to go. Woohoo. And as flights from Ireland to Glasgow go on sale on the 3oth July, we really wanted to get our save the dates designed, ordered and posted. However, we couldn’t agree on a font or design. If I heard “I’m not that gone on that font” one more time, there may not have been a wedding.

But, finally, I cracked it. I pinned IB down to a decision and bought it before either of us could change our minds.

Tah-daaaaaahhhh! Here it is, with fake names obviously.

We’ve ordered 100 postcards in that design, with further wedding details on the back. Vistaprint, less than £15. Bargain. I’ve also ordered some little purple stickers saying “Flights from Ireland to Glasgow now available” for the back of all the ones going to guests in Ireland. I can’t wait for them to get here.

We’ve also put our wedding website address on them, so the pressure is on to actually get that finished.


3 Responses to “The great big font hunt”

  1. These will look fab – like the colour too!

  2. 2 rebecca

    yay! its a lovely font, well done!

  3. 3 mysparethoughts

    Love it!

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