Where I’ll lay my head


IB and I live in Glasgow, obviously. We’re getting married in Glasgow, but neither of our families live in the city. Which posed a bit of a where to stay problem.

I would absolutely love to be getting ready in my parents house, and then travelling to the ceremony. But I’m not sure I’d be looking my bridal best after a 2 hour car journey. So we had to find somewhere in Glasgow.

I didn’t fancy a hotel – I don’t like the idea of us all being spread across several rooms and I wanted us to have our own space to spread out in and relax. I also wanted us to spend the night before doing all the family things we do (like playing board games until I win because I won’t let anyone go to bed until I do) and squeezing into a hotel room wouldn’t be the same.

Our flat isn’t big enough, and I’d get stressed about hiding all the clutter so it didn’t show up in the getting ready photos.

So, I’ve booked the Glasgow House, IB and I actually used to live round the corner from it, and I always wanted to peek inside. It’s huge. Loads of space for photos and for girls rushing round. Enough space for all my family, somewhere comfortable to spend the night before and perfectly located. Plus, my parents, siblings and grandparents will stay there on the night of the wedding.

Have a look, it’s so lovely I think I want to live there. Could someone lend me a few hundred thousand pounds?


6 Responses to “Where I’ll lay my head”

  1. Wow, thats lovely and will be fabulous for your getting ready photos x

  2. 2 rebecca

    that looks IMMENSE.

  3. Oh so nice!

    You will have a blast!

  4. 4 mysparethoughts

    Amazing! Great for getting ready – means you won’t need to worry about tidying your own flat and somewhere perfect for guests to stay the night of the wedding.

  5. Looks gorgeous! That will be so fab!

    I stayed at my parents house the night before.

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