Posh picnicking


Manchester bride gets married in 4 weeks. Next weekend is her sort-of hen weekend in the Lake District. Just the bride and 4 bridesmaids, so nothing too OTT. We’re staying in a little B and B and having a generally chiled out weekend.

One plan though is to have a surprise posh picnic in a park near the B and B. I’m thinking smoked salmon, champagne and truffles. Plus hummous, cheese, bread, olives, salad, pate, fancy ham, strawberries, whoopie pies and mini-chocolate tarts. Yum.

Planning this one has been left up to me. I’m fine on the food front, but I want to make it special. Any suggestions?

I’d thought about buying a cheap gazebo and making some bunting. Or doing some Alice in Wonderland style “eat me” and “drink me” labels for the goodies. Whatever I do has to be portable as I’ll be carrying all the stuff half a mile, but I can’t decide on anything to pull it all together that won’t be too tacky.

Help required from all you lovely and talented bloggers!


3 Responses to “Posh picnicking”

  1. I have precisely the same dilemma!

    We’re going to have a little picnic one year before the wedding (almost to the day) as we never had a proper engagement party. But I want it to be nicer than everyone bringing hummous and kettle chips.

    I’m thinking of buying some new and natty picnic blankets for a start (sales shopping) and then a few nice glasses (plastics/outdoorwear). I’ll make some food and then basically, i’m thinking that champagne/prosecco will make it feel suitably posh and cover any gaps. I’d go for lanterns too but it’ll be in a London park, and I don’t think they’d like naked flames near late-summer dry grass. Or maybe I’ll just buy them and not light them.

    This has the added benefit that it should all be reusable for the wedding!

  2. 2 mysparethoughts

    Sorry no suggestions on decor – but I’m now starving! I really like the Alice and Wonderland idea. Have a great time.

  3. Sorry I didnt get round to commenting earlier but I dont really have any other suggestions than what you already had.

    For the hen do last weekend altho it wasnt a picnic, we had cheese & biscuits and olives then snack including jelly haribo’s!

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