Money, money, money


So, money. Something plenty of people don’t like talking about.

I’ve not been so keen on discussing money in the past, because I never had any. Since leaving University7 years ago, I’ve been trying to rid myself of student loans and credit cards, not helped by being made redundant three years ago. One thing I didn’t want to do was start our married life together with my debts hanging over us. So, last week, I finally paid off the last of my debts earlier than expected. Boy, it feels good.

IB and I are paying for the vast majority of this wedding ourselves. My parents are helping with my dress, because they WANT to. I want to let them. We’re also saving for the wedding so our plans are realistic and based on what we can save and in what time period. Yes, it would have been lovely to plan the wedding from engagement to altar in less than a year, but we couldn’t save enough for what we want in that time.

But budget planning has been my absolute least favourite part of this whole process. Stretching the budget for one thing means cutting it for another and that is HARD. Especially when we’re booking things at different times and don’t yet know how much some suppliers will cost.

We’re making compromises, but they’ll be worth it or unnoticeable. What is going to be REALLY worth it is starting our life together with nothing to worry about but having fun on our honeymoon after 18 months of saving!


4 Responses to “Money, money, money”

  1. 1 Suzie

    Congrats on paying off your debts, and good luck with the wedding!

  2. 2 mysparethoughts

    Congratulations on paying off your debts – that is a massive achievement and you deserve a pat on the back. Saving money all the time sucks but really a much better start to married life than being in debt – which gives me the heebie-jeebies (I ignore my student debt that is just too much to fathom).

  3. Well done you; Im ignoring my student loan too for the time being!

    We saved for the wedding too and paid for it all which was great, with some help from our parents!

  4. Well done you on the debt thing – that’s such an achievement!

    We’ve been a bit bad and not really looked at the budget too much – partly because we’ve already spent more money than either of us are comfortable with. I really don’t understand why a wedding has to cost so much! So I’ve been avoiding the money bit as it makes me freak out – know I’m going to have to face it soon though!!

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