Dress thoughts


In the entire time (post and pre-engagement!) that I have been looking at wedding dresses, I’ve never seen something that really fits the picture I have in my head of me on my wedding day.

I want informal and casual but with a big skirt. I want a splash of colour and straps that look like they are supposed to be there and haven’t just been tacked on as an after thought. I want floaty and innocent, but cute.

I don’t want grecian style which all the floaty dresses seem to be. And informal often gets translated as short, which doesn’t suit me and my determination to wear flat shoes.

I’ve previusly tried on three dresses, 2 which weren’t great and one that I loved. I loved it because it looked good, and fitted a few of the criteria, but since then I’ve been having niggly doubts that the fabric and style just wasn’t “me” enough. Nothing I’ve ever seen when trawling dress designer websites has really jumped out at me. Until last week, when I found a dress by Philippa Lepley. a bit of digging revealed that the dress costs around £5500. Excellent, I’ll take two.

But, by complete chance, I then discovered a dress maker in Glasgow who does a very similar dress which can be amended and customised to suit. As I had a half day on Friday, I made a last minute appointment and tried on the sample dress and it is perfect. Exactly what i had in my head.

However, the dress maker is very popular and June next year is already almost full. So, I need to make a decision quickly. While I’m almost certain that this is the route I want to take, I also want to exhaust all other options just to be on the safe side. So, this weekend my Mum is coming to Glasgow and we’re planning to hit as many dress shops as are physically possible, plus she’s coming with me to see the custom dress.

Eeek, so exciting! (and the dress will be completely made to measure, which takes off a little of the diet pressure!)

P.S I’ve decided not to reveal too much about the dress on here. It’s really unfair on poor IB and once I’ve chosen a dress I don’t want friends or family to know anything about it. However, I might one day reveal a few more details privately to regular readers!


2 Responses to “Dress thoughts”

  1. Ooooh how exciting! I so know what you mean about the ‘are they me enough?’ thing… that’s what the debate was when I tried on lots of dresses in London. They were all very lovely but felt a bit more reserved/doll-like than I am! Good luck!! x

  2. Thats fab you were able to find a dress designer who does something similarl £5500 is soooo much money!!!

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