Weekend re-cap


Last weekend, I was in the Lakes on Manchesterbride’s hen weekend. It was just the bride and the four bridesmaids so a good girly catch up with a few of my favourite people.

The god of Hen Weekend weather obviously ignored our prayers because it was torrential rain for most of the weekend (which very nearly resulted in my poor car being stranded in the middle of a huge puddle in a car park), but we didn’t let that stop us.

We sampled some of Ambleside’s finiest nightlife. Now, i’m a country girl so I know what to expect from a small town ‘nightclub’ but I think the 4 city girls were a bit surprised. Despite the cheesy music and sometimes dubious clientele a very good time was had! I defy anyone to be miserable with £1.50 tequila and a DJ playing the cheesiest rock ballads.

On Saturday, after possibly the nicest B and B breakfast I’ve ever sampled, we went for a cruise round the islands of Windermere. Not particularly eventful, but a nice way to spend an hour. We then returned to the B and B for a surprise champagne bedroom picnic (damn rain), after lots of sneaking around. We almost had to physically restrain the poor, starving bride because she was insistant on going to a local deli to buy food for lunch! I think she enjoyed the surprise though, despite the setting.

Saturday night we had dinner, tried frangelico for the first time then managed to track down a lovely little cocktail bar. We even managed to get the closing time rules relaxed after some mild flirting with the manager!

Sunday morning was spent mooching round some shops feeling a bit sorry for ourselves and then we all headed home. I didn’t drink much on Saturday night, but felt so ill that the journey took me nearly 6 hours with all the stops at service stations and my Papa’s house. I’m still feeling rotten today, so thinking that it might have a bit more to do with overindulging in shellfish (taking advantage of fish-hating IB not being there) than the glass of wine, single frangelico and 3 cocktails. Bleurgh.


One Response to “Weekend re-cap”

  1. 1 Emily

    Sounds like you had a nice time despite the weather. Sorry to hear your feeling ill afterwards though. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I love the surprise picnic idea. What nice surprise for your friend.

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