Blog crisis of identity


I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of identity with this here blog recently.

I am a Glasgowbride, but obviously not the only one so it seems like a bit of a big-headed name to give myself. At the time, I was feeling distinctly unimaginative. It also means that my blog gets traffic from people looking for Glasgow based wedding services on search engines and I always worry that someone who knows me will come across it.

Finally, it’s not appropriate for any non-wedding blogging I do once I’m a married lady (hopefully there will eventually be house buying and baby-rearing type blogging).So I was thinking about changing both the name and the platform. WordPress is great, but everyone on blogspot has such pretty blogs and WordPress isn’t very customisable unless you pay for it. I’d have to keep my twitter user name, but I can handle that.

Now, I just need to decide what to call myself this time.


2 Responses to “Blog crisis of identity”

  1. I say keep it for now – and you can always migrate it later. You’ve built up loyal followers and I think it’d be a shame to lose them. Also, people looking for glasgow wedding stuff will find you as you are and that’s exactly what you want!

  2. Its so hard to come up with a name isnt it; it took me ages and again I have ended up with more a wedding related one.

    I havent yet decided whether to just carry on with it or start a new one once I finish my recaps.

    Let us know wha tyou decide to do!

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