Friends like these


I have plenty of friends. This isn’t a give-me-sympathy post. But sometimes I’m guilty of forgetting just how lucky I am.

For a bit of background, I’ve lived in 3 different places in the last 7 years, accumulating different groups of friends as I went along. I have fewer friends in Glasgow than I did in Manchester, so occasionally I feel a bit sorry for myself. (I should point out that I have several AMAZING friends in Glasgow) I miss having loads of people round me to make last minute plans with, to go shopping with and just to pop round for a girly chat.

IB and I visited one of my very good friends who lives near my parents a month or so ago and she offered to help arrange my Scottish hen day/night. Since two of my bridesmaids are in Australia and my20 year old sister suggested we go to the Arches, I very gratefully accepted, but didn’t think too much of it.

But this week, Lovely Friend emailed me with loads of suggestions, even offering to come up to Glasgow to trial some options. How amazing. This is a girl with NO obligation whatsoever to help, she just wants to. And unlike some people, she is genuinely interested in our plans.

My friends are great.


2 Responses to “Friends like these”

  1. It does feel so good to know people like that exist. Lucky you xx

  2. Thats so nice of her; lovely to have friends round the country too.

    What you thinking for your hen do now?

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