Dress shopping part 3 – Conversations


Some memorable dress shopping conversations.

Dress shopping conversations

Dress Shop Lady (DSL for short) “That’s my favourite of the three. What do you think?”
Me “It’s nice but I’m just not sure”

(same dress, 5 minutes later)
DSL “Do you see yourself getting married in that dress?”
Me “No. I think IB will turn round and think “What the hell is she wearing?””

(Same dress, 5 Minutes later)
DSL “ We can offer a special price on the dress if you buy it during this consultation”
Mum “We’re not making a decision that quickly”

(Same dress, 5 minutes later)
DSL “So, do you think you’ll buy it”
Me “No, probably not”

(Same dress, when DSL lady goes upstairs to get yet another veil)
Me “Mum, I’m going to cry if she doesn’t take this awful dress off me right now”

Same Dress Shop as above, same lady, different dress.

DSL “There, that’s a nice veil” (as she puts a cathedral length veil on me)
Me “I don’t like long veils, I don’t feel comfortable”

DSL lady puts an elbow length veil on me.
Me “I love it! I feel so much better with a shorter one”
DSL whips out short veil and replaces it with a diamante encrusted cathedral one.
DSL “That’s better.”

5 minutes later, I remove said veil myself as my protestations that I don’t like it have fallen on deaf ears.

Same dress shop, same lady

Mum “Can she try on that one with straps? She doesn’t like strapless dresses”
DSL ignores mum as she is preoccupied with the veil.

After escaping dress shop

Me “Mum, please can you stop telling people you like me in dresses with huge trains? I don’t.”
Mum “In my mind that’s what a wedding dress is”
Me “Fine, you renew your vows and wear one then.” (I’m ashamed of this one, bit mean, sorry Mum.)


8 Responses to “Dress shopping part 3 – Conversations”

  1. 1 Kiara

    Brilliant! I think the line to your mum is genius, I hope she took it ok, I would definitely end up saying the same thing to mine.

    • Sh took it very well thankfully, I can be very honest with my mum. She knew perfectly well that I’m not a big train kinda gal but was blinded by the prettiness!

  2. 3 rebecca

    seriously, that is horrible. I’m coming to the conclusion that I have ahd a very good dress shopping experience, there is something to be said for a small hick town apparently. if you need to go again, come down here and I’ll take you to my tiny friendly shop. not that you need to, cos you found the dress anyway! x

  3. 4 mysparethoughts

    I gave the dress shop women the look of death every time they tried to put a veil on me. Seriously dress shop women why can you not listen to your customers and you must have teflon coated skin not to be able to read the body language and facial expressions of these brides that you are torturing.

  4. Ugh, I think I might have been in that dress shop when I was dress shopping. I certainly had the same conversation with DSL. Except you’re nicer than me, I just got my friend to start untying the damn dress!

    The only shop I went to in Glasgow that wasn’t awful was Anne Priscilla.

  5. The veil thing is funny… I told the woman when I was dress shopping that I wasn’t a veil person and she said that you don’t know until you try. But I already knew I wasn’t… and I was right, I looked a wally in it! It must work with some people – that’s why they’re like that right??

  6. My favourite from my dress shopping was ‘It’ll look lovely once you’ve got your fake tan on’ . I don’t do fake tan, and I’d have though most people would want a dress they look nice in in their natural skin!

  7. You so should go and see a proper dress maker like Marina Maclean. She is brilliant and makes something that is you and that you want! X

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