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Why do I do it to myself.? Have stupidly decided to have a  Tex-Mex Party tonight for IB’s lovely colleagues. No occasion, just a ridiculous desire to entertain. As usual, I got a little carried away with the menu and that will almost certainly lead to tantrums and possibly tears. There is a good chance that […]

In the absence of any wedding related news today, I thought I’d give away a few sneaky details about IB and myself. Without revealing too much obviously. Me Glasgowbride is a misnomer as I’m not from Glasgow. I actually grew up on a few different farms in the south of Scotland. I’m a reluctant city […]

As IB is Irish (IB = Irish Boy if you hadn’t already guessed) I wasn’t sure if he would or wanted to wear a kilt, and obviously it was entirely up to him. But, very soon after we got engaged he decided he wanted to wear one so we started looking for a suitable tartan […]



IB reads my blog whenever I update it, mainlyto check that I’m being nice about him, but probably also to make sure that my hundreds of crazy ideas aren’t spiralling out of control. However, he is feeling slightly put out with his nickname. He doesn’t think “IB” sounds very “hard”, and has requested that he […]