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So, money. Something plenty of people don’t like talking about. I’ve not been so keen on discussing money in the past, because I never had any. Since leaving University7 years ago, I’ve been trying to rid myself of student loans and credit cards, not helped by being made redundant three years ago. One thing I […]

Posh picnicking


Manchester bride gets married in 4 weeks. Next weekend is her sort-of hen weekend in the Lake District. Just the bride and 4 bridesmaids, so nothing too OTT. We’re staying in a little B and B and having a generally chiled out weekend. One plan though is to have a surprise posh picnic in a […]



So, IB and I are flat hunting. Actually, that’s not true. I’m flat hunting, IB is tolerating it and viewing properties under duress. We rent just now (as IB is on a temporary contract and we don’t know where we’ll be in 2 years) and while our flat is big and nicely furnished, we’re bursting […]

Last week I was mostly: Trying to catch up on sleep Not losing any weight at Slimming world (but not putting any on). Discovering new places – The Hidden Lane Cafe and Gallery Getting expensive ideas about wedding day perfume after visiting Jo Malone. (is that what the Misc part of the budget is for?) […]



My blog has been a bit depressing lately. I’m utterly ashamed of my ranty Over-considerate? post (and might delete it).It’s not like me to be so bitter about what other people want, it had just got to me a little. It’s been a tiring month, lots of happenings and I’m exhausted. May makes me sad. […]

All change


So today is my last day at work before starting my shiny new job on Monday. As much as I’m looking forward to the change, I’m also sad. I moved to Glasgow specifically for this job, and almost all of my Glasgow friends are people I’ve met through work. I’m hoping that the friendships will […]

Why do I do it to myself.? Have stupidly decided to have a  Tex-Mex Party tonight for IB’s lovely colleagues. No occasion, just a ridiculous desire to entertain. As usual, I got a little carried away with the menu and that will almost certainly lead to tantrums and possibly tears. There is a good chance that […]



I just googled what will be my married name. I was a bit bemused to discover that I will share it with a girl who is very active in reviewing computer games and uses pooh analogies to compare the games! On the plus side, there seems to be fewer people with the new name. Any […]

My new job really can’t come soon enough. I’ve never left a job in this way because I was made redundant from my last company, so following a resignation with a months work is new to me. And not only is it very strange, it’s also unbelievably frustrating. I have a unique role within the […]

Hobby time


Oh no. It’s happened. The thing I was dreading. I am “that” girl. The girl who can’t talk about anything else but her wedding. I was wary of this, and have tried so hard not to let it take over. But this morning when I arrived at work after the Bank Holiday weekend and was […]