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Not here….


I don’t live here anymore, so scoot on over to my shiny new blog at for all my latest posts and bletherings. Or follow me on twitter. If you like….

I’ve moved!


WordPress has served me well, but for various reasons, I’ve moved and rebranded myself! Head over to my new, prettier blog for the full story….

Some memorable dress shopping conversations. Dress shopping conversations Dress Shop Lady (DSL for short) “That’s my favourite of the three. What do you think?” Me “It’s nice but I’m just not sure” (same dress, 5 minutes later) DSL “Do you see yourself getting married in that dress?” Me “No. I think IB will turn round […]

Things I learned about dress shopping You apparently only need to try on 4 dresses before you find the “one”. (convenient as most dress shops seem to let you try on 4 dresses in your one hour appointment) When you try on “the dress” you will know straight away. (but the dress shop lady will […]

Crack the code


The previous post is password protected so that I don’t tease poor IB with dress details (he has so far exercised immpressive willpower and not clicked on any links that he shouldn’t). If you would like the password, please DM me via Twitter or email me on If you aren’t a regular reader/contributor who […]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The dress shopping weekend didn’t go so well. First of all, it’s exhausting and really hard work. Second of all, dresses that you think will work often don’t, leading to disappointment. And thirdly, dress shop staff are ultimately sales people, albeit at different levels of pushiness. Mum and I went to 5 dress shops in […]

I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of identity with this here blog recently. I am a Glasgowbride, but obviously not the only one so it seems like a bit of a big-headed name to give myself. At the time, I was feeling distinctly unimaginative. It also means that my blog gets traffic from […]

Gift etiquette?


IB and I don’t want gifts from our guests. That might seem a bit rude, but our guests are spending considerable amounts of money just to come to the wedding and their attendance means far more to us than presents. We also rent our flat furnished, we have everything we need and no storage space […]