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I have plenty of friends. This isn’t a give-me-sympathy post. But sometimes I’m guilty of forgetting just how lucky I am. For a bit of background, I’ve lived in 3 different places in the last 7 years, accumulating different groups of friends as I went along. I have fewer friends in Glasgow than I did […]

So, money. Something plenty of people don’t like talking about. I’ve not been so keen on discussing money in the past, because I never had any. Since leaving University7 years ago, I’ve been trying to rid myself of student loans and credit cards, not helped by being made redundant three years ago. One thing I […]

I have been so lax with blogging lately, reading and commenting. Life has just got in the way, work has been manic and I rarely get online properly at the moment. So, this weekend I’m dedicating myself to pre-writing a few posts and properly catching up with everyone’s blogs. In wedding related news, it’s less […]

If there is any wedding related question guaranteed to really get my goat at the moment, it is this. “Oh, you’re getting married? What’s your theme?” (Said in that matter of fact way, as though there is a wedding therefore there must be a theme. Like when someone has a baby and you ask what […]



Dear Viv (can I call you Viv?), I bow down to your fashion genius, I really do . However, I have a small colour matter to discuss with you. If you could please make the Ultragirl Bow Front Flat Shoe in Purple sometime between now and next year, I would be ever so grateful. Seriously, […]

Last week I was mostly: Trying to catch up on sleep Not losing any weight at Slimming world (but not putting any on). Discovering new places – The Hidden Lane Cafe and Gallery Getting expensive ideas about wedding day perfume after visiting Jo Malone. (is that what the Misc part of the budget is for?) […]

I fully intended for us to take our time with planning this wedding, but we’re speeding through things so fast you’d think we had nothing better to do! Last weekend, we stayed overnight in Lochgilphead (a mistake) before going to Tarbert on Monday to speak to a jeweller about IB’s wedding ring (a very good […]

A while ago, I wrote a post about my hunt for milk bottles to hold table flowers at our reception. At that point, I was intending to collect milk bottles and jars, buy a load of flowers from the flower market and do the reception flowers myself. But then, whilst getting my daily fix of […]

Hair trauma


OK, this is a bridezilla post. I’ve not written it yet and I already feel a bit ashamed. I’ve lived in Glasgow for 3 and a bit years and have never found a hairdresser I liked.  I needed to find someone to do my wedding hair who I was comfortable with and as my hair […]

A few weeks ago IB and I discussed whether our wedding would change if we won the lottery. (This is in addition to my regular searches on Rightmove for the house I will buy WHEN I win the lottery. Nothing like a bit of optimism). We came to the conclusion that certain things about the […]